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Mortgage Loan Calculator widgets

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Just a short message to inform You that we have created a WordPress Mortgage Loan Calculator plugin for You!

Feel free to download it, install it and try it.

For further information, please visit the amortization schedule website.

The plugin is not yet available at the plugins directory, but will be shortly. Until then You can get the loan calculator plugin from our site.

The widget itself is a javascript based calculator, so no page reloads are required for the results. The empty fields will be populated with default values. Hope that You’ll enjoy using our mortgage loan calculator.

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Firefox Loan Amortization Schedule Calculator Plug In

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We are more than happy to announce that the amortization plug-in for Mozilla Firefox is released and ready to use!

You can use this financial tool to calculate Your monthly payment and view Your loan amortization schedule directly from Your browser.

Please visit to install Your personal loan calculator! You have all the instructions on this site, but we’ll have a detailed description of the calculator plug-in in another post very soon.

In case You are using an outdated browser (minimum requirement is Firefox v2.0 and above), You’ll have to update it in order to use the mortgage calculator plug-in.

As for now only Mozilla Firefox is supported. You can download the browser from here.

Thank You!

Amortization Schedule Team

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Firefox Amortization Schedule plugin

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The Mozilla Firefox Loan Calculator plug-in development of our amortization schedule calculator is going well. We are in the beta testing phase.

Our main goal is to create a simple amortization calculator search extension. You’ll just have to enter the desired values like the loan amount, the interest int percent, the length of Your desired loan and Your payment option. You’ll be able to choose from weekly payment, bi-weekly payment, monthly payment, bi-monthly payment, quarterly payment, semi-annual and annual payment option.

The whole search phrase will look like this “175000,5.75,30,monthly” for a $175000 mortgage loan, 5.75% interest payed monthly for 30 years. Pretty simple, isn’t it?

So don’t forget to check out our blog or our amortization schedule website for updates, because the release of this plug-in is going to happen very soon. If it is more convenient for You, follow us on Twitter under the name “amortizations”.

The financial tool extension plug-in will be also available on Firefox’s website for download.

The Amortization Schedule team.

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